The Tale of an 11 year old boy

And so there we were…my Mum in the driver seat, me in the front passenger seat and my two sisters in the back seats, all looking out of the car windows. The car pulled up to this double story brick … Continue reading


Hi welcome to my blog, I’m not going to lie. Some posts on here will be confronting, this is my story, my true story, I will be adding a new post each Sunday at 8pm.

Things will make more sense if start at the beginning and work your way through.

Please leave comments and subscribe for further updates. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this might be of some inspiration to some people.

Welcome to my story and our journey…


Let’s start at the begining shall we…?

This is my story and this story is true… The following takes place from 0-11yrs… And so we begin… The year is 1981, 30th July to be exact. Of course I don’t remember that date myself but I was there, … Continue reading


To entertain until Sunday

Hope this keeps you entertained until Sunday when my first official post beings, I’m not going to lie my first post might be confronting. Thank you to all who have subscribed so far, if you have stumbled across this blog … Continue reading


The journey begins on Sunday 8pm

Hi All, After my jump into the blogger stratosphere I have been thinking about how best to get my story “out there”, so I have been thinking instead of randomly putting new posts up whenever I will commit myself to … Continue reading


Intro to the secret life of a ginga ninja!!

Let’s get one thing straight, yes I’m a red head, some may say fanta pants, fire crotch or as the children at my work call me ranga. But you my friend may call me the Ginga Ninja. I’m proud of … Continue reading