Come to the rescue…

Me: Second row from the front, on the right second person

Up the stairs I was walking, supporting my mother under my 11 year old body, as each step I walked I was scared not knowing what was going on, up each step felt like a day in time, I wanted to be calm for my mother but I didn’t know what was going on, the front door was still open from when I got the blanket, we walked slowly into the messy lounge room, littered with clothes and papers, past my sisters bedroom, past my bedroom, Mum seemed to be confused as to what was going on, we reached her bed and she just feel onto the bed. I was thinking to myself that a few minutes ago she was fine and we were just going to the doctors and the doctor saying she just had a flu. I watched my Mum lay there, I asked her if she wanted something, ANYTHING, just to make this go away and for her to jump up and yell, JUST KIDDING!!

But this was very real, there was a glaze in her eye and she mumbled that she wanted water, I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could, got a glass, filled it up and took it back to the room, I went to give it to her but she couldn’t lift her head, so I put the glass to her mouth and made her drink, the water dribbled out of her mouth and onto the sheets, Mum looked extremely dazed not being able to focus on me. I didn’t know what to do, I ran to the phone and phoned one of my Mum’s friends and told her what was going on, Vivienne said she wanted to talk to my Mum. I took the phone to her and said Vivienne’s on the phone, Mum looked blankly at me and said she needed to go to the toilet. I said “Mum need to go to the toilet”. Vivienne said “Jamie listen to me, you need to call the ambulance right now do you understand, I’ll be over straight away, ok”. I remember saying “Do you know what’s happening”. Vivienne said plainly “You need to call the ambulance”. I hung up.

My mum said slurred she needed to go to the toilet again. I put the phone down and went to pick her up to walk her to the toilet, but she was so heavy, where getting her to the bed she was at least walking, she now could not do any of that. I honestly didn’t know what to do. So I grabbed her arm with both hands, and pulled. I dragged her of her bed onto the floor, I pulled her along the carpeted floor along the bedroom floor, both hand holding her left arm and heaving her to the toilet, I reached under her armpits, and lifted her as much as I could, with all my strength, she was so heavy not helping herself get up off the floor, I remember I got her almost up onto the toilet seat…..and then, she feel to the floor.

I was in such a panicked state I didn’t know what to do. I ran back to the bedroom and got the phone and dialed emergency. I remember the phone call so well.


“My Mum, something wrong with her”

“What’s wrong with her”

“I don’t know she started shaking in the car and now she’s laying on the floor” “Why is she laying on the floor”

“I dragged her to the toilet and she fell and now she can’t get up”

“Is your Mum awake now”

I went over to her, her eyes were open


“Is she able to talk to you”

“Mum can you talk”

“mmmm” My Mum made some noise and was looking to the ceiling


“Where do you live”

“38 Fowlers Rd Koonawarra”

“Ok I’ve organised an ambulance to come now, please try and make you Mum stay away”

This was serious, the ambulance was on its way, I hung up the phone, and I don’t know why but the next thing I did was go into the lounge room and start cleaning the mess as if the ambulance drivers would judge us and not give my Mum as much help, I frantically put things away, I then went and got a large white sheet and covered the rest of the mess, so strange thinking back at it and remember so clearly, the phone rang again, it was Vivienne,

“What’s going on”

“I-I-I rang the ambulance” I stammered.

“Ok I’m on my way and coming over right now” She hung up the phone.

Everything was going so quickly but oh so desperately slow at the same time, I felt so unsure, scared but wanted to keep calm at the same time, I ran back to my Mum and made sure she was ok, she was confused, her head tilted up, eyes to the ceiling, slurring again, “Jamie whats going on”

There was a knock on the door “Hello” two people in uniforms were there carrying a tool box, with medical items, they were the ambulance, they got here quick I thought. I felt such relief, I got them to follow me to Mum who was still laying on the floor, they both went over to her, one on each side, Mum’s pants were wet, she had wet her pants. “Whats your Mum’s name”


“Hello Jenny can you hear me” One said shining a small torch in her eyes.


“Jenny can you tell me your address” One said checking her blood pressure

“Fowlers Road”

“Jenny can you tell me the date”


“Ok Jenny listen we are going to take you to hospital”

One of the men left.

The other man looked at me and asked

“Is it just you here?”

I replied “No, my sisters are at school across the road, Mum’s friend Vivienne is coming here now”

“Ok” The other man had a bed on wheels and Vivienne ran into the house, looking panicked.

“What’s going on?”

“We are going to take her to hospital and see what’s happening” Vivienne looked at me and said “Go across the road and get you’re sisters”. Without a second thought I ran. I didn’t look for cars, I ran, I didn’t think, I ran, I didn’t look anywhere else except focus on where the front office was, I ran into the office slammed the door open, everything became to much, I couldnt keep my calm anymore, I exploded and screamed, I cried, tears streaming down my face, panting, “I NEED ALEXIS AND APRIL MUMS BEING TAKEN AWAY BY THE AMBULANCE”. Now thinking back at it they must have been so shocked, working quietly away tand then this screaming kid runs in through the door. They looked shocked and got the principal. This man with a brown beard came out of his office and asked me to come in and have a seat, he closed the door. “What’s going on Jamie?” I explained everything that happened, he looked at me. I couldn’t stop crying, tears flooding my eyes and streaming down my face. He got onto the phone and said can I have Alexis and April Morris come to the office with their bags please”. The office door knocked and there was Vivienne and looked at me and asked me to wait outside the office. She went into the Principals office and closed the door. I found a seat and sat there with my head to the floor, Alexis and April both with their bags turned up looked at me and asked me what was going on, I didn’t answer them. The door opened and Vivienne asked us to go with her, as I walked to the exit I looked back at the and everyone was looking at us, the office ladies, the principal all staring like a frozen photo in time, we walked with Vivienne back to our house across the road, “Come on everyone get some clothes, your mum’s just been taken to hospital your going to stay at my house for a few nights”. We all went and got some clothes and packed them, Vivienne helped April as she was the youngest. After we were all packed we walked to the front door, closed the door and went into her car.

All of us confused as to what was happening I’m sure Vivienne as well.

Little did I know but later I was told if by calling emergency I actually saved my mothers life.


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