Intro to the secret life of a ginga ninja!!

Let’s get one thing straight, yes I’m a red head, some may say fanta pants, fire crotch or as the children at my work call me ranga. But you my friend may call me the Ginga Ninja. I’m proud of my race, I am part of a sun burnt dying race….

I’ve been thinking about doing this for so long now, in fact I’ve thought so many times of writing a book, the subject will be about my life. Some of you know a little of my life and the roller coaster it has been. All the crazy fun times, and the times that have been quite tough that really shaped the person I am today.

I want you to come on this journey with me, I’m not going to lie it is going to be a little confronting especially in my early years, but for people who know me its also going to be filled with crazy adventures.

The purpose isn’t to be a “pity feel sorry for me” journey but possibly an inspiration for others and a little therapy for myself.

Everything I write will be true and from my perspective, this blog will be raw and where possible I will not use other peoples names.

I’ve recently turned 29, well actually two days ago and I have been been thinking over my time on this small blue planet, thinking of that Zoolander scene, where Derek looks into his reflection, looks confused and says “Who am I?”, I still don’t know, I don’t think most people ever really know “Who they are”.

To start this journey I want you to think of a Jerry Springer episode and multiply it by a million and then you might be close to what your going to expect. I grew up in Wollongong living primarily in housing commission estates. My family were not the richest in the world. I think we can all relate to days in our lives where we stand at a crossroad and the path that we go down changes our way forever, I experienced loads of these times, one I call That Fateful Day.

A little snippet…

A life time of abuse from my Father, being an 11 year old boy I saved my Mothers life after a major stoke, on That Fateful Day as a 12 year old boy I was removed from my family from Family Services due to a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse. From there I lived with my grandparents, in foster care (where half of the family were Christians and half were Satan worshipers and the oldest daughter believing she could talk to the devils secretary) and in refuges, homes where young people live together with different youth workers, young people who couldn’t live at home for whatever reason. I was kicked out of homes twice weeks before my 14th and 16th birthday. And through-out all this craziness I remember that humor was and still is the best remedy, and making a fool out of myself has always been one of my strengths, something I think anyone who knows me can vouch for, and not taking things to seriously, noticing the small positive things in life is something we should all be thankful for, like someone being kind to you for no reason, noticing the way the sky changes colour at dusk, it may sound totally wanky but its important.

I remember right from my early years that I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives in a positive way, especially working with children. For the past ten years I have worked my way up and now manage a busy childcare centre for school aged children. I do have a dream of enriching and empowering children and young people to find their inner strength.

So anyway that’s my introduction… Welcome to the journey, please leave as many comments as you wish, on the next blog I’m going to start from the start and go from there. I’m really excited to have you on board.

Peace out

The Ginga Ninja.

Oh and one more thing feel free to invite other people to follow my blog…


19 responses to “Intro to the secret life of a ginga ninja!!

  1. scarlettohorror

    Love it fanta pants! xx

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about you! You are totally right, you’ve always had a brilliant sense of humour and wonderful outlook on life ♥ Ally xx

  3. thanks for the messages :0)hopefully this ends up being an inspiring story and journey

  4. HI Jamie

    Nice to hear from you and look forward to reading your story. Hope you are well and glad to hear you are still working in childcare. I hope that one day you will realise your dream.

    All the best – Lilian

  5. Hi Jamie, Would love to keep listening to your story. I’m already inspired! πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for your kind words Lillian and Lisa… It’s really nice to know that you will be there with me when we embark on this on Sunday, and that your going to take sometime to follow it with me


    The Ginga Ninja

  7. I joined I think! I am curious to hear more for sure!

  8. moosewrangler

    I have a Ginger beard… so i guess i’m half ginger… GINGER PRIDE $ EVA!!!

  9. Great Jamie πŸ™‚

  10. xxthatgirlxx

    Nice blog…really interesting πŸ™‚

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